Raid Planning & High- Risk Warrant Service

Thursday, Nov 21, 2024 – Friday, Nov 22, 2024

3:00pm – 11:00pm

This Course was specifically designed for those officers whose assignment may require them to design a Raid Plan, conduct a briefing and then execute the plan on a structure that poses a risk to those involved. It will provide instructions on how to create a form that encompasses all necessary requirements for a safe and successful execution of the warrant, whether the objective is to seize property, or to make an arrest.

The tactics taught in this class provide for fluid, yet safe & efficient methods for conducting searches and taking people into custody. Tactics include approach, positioning at entry points, breeching, tactical entries, establishing footholds, shielding, secondary sweeps, cover/contact principles, low light tactics and more.

This Course involves lecture, demonstrations, practical exercises and reality-based scenarios.

Times- 3:00P – 11:00P

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Law Enforcement

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Tanger Center
40260 Five Mile Rd
Northville Twp, MI, 48170

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$ 500.00

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