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Emergency Response to Active Shooter Events Advertisement #2

This Course is designed to inform and empower individuals to prepare and train for emergency actions  they can take when confronted with an Active Shooter.

When faced with a situation that can lead to serious bodily injury or death, human instincts activate in order to aid us in survival, which we refer to as survival stress.  Because we all do not share common life experiences, not all of our responses will be the same.  This Course identifies human responses to survival stress and then places the students in various scenarios in order to illicit those responses based on the stimulus they are experiencing.

This training is beneficial to anyone that frequents locations where these types of atrocities occur; businesses, schools, entertainment, worship, etc.

If you would like more information on how we can bring this training to your organization, please contact us.

This Course is designed to create situational awareness within the workplace and techniques to use in order to de-escalate crisis situations.

Whether you are trying to be proactive and reduce the level of conflict within your organization, or reacting to an incident that recently occurred and trying to prevent a reoccurrence.  

Depending on your needs, this Course can be presented as a lecture presentation, or lecture presentation with reality-based scenarios.

In this Course will cover such topics as:

Personal Safety & Workplace Violence:

  • Understanding the criminal mindset
  • Avoidance
  • How not to be a victim Do’s and Don’ts
  • Dealing with people in crisis
  • Workplace warning signs and prevention
  • Taking action
  • Manager responsibilities

De-Escalation Techniques:

  • What is De-escalation?
  • Ways to calm yourself before jumping into the fray
  • Emotional awareness
  • Crisis intervention
  • Thoughts, emotions and behavior
  • Crisis vs Direct Communication
  • De-escalation techniques and when to use them

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