Active Shooter Instructor

Monday, Aug 12, 2024 – Thursday, Aug 15, 2024

8:00am – 4:00pm

Through media presentation, innovative tactics and instructional techniques, this class was designed to prepare officers to become trainers in rapid deployment intervention techniques. Officers will be given the core instruction on the background, mission of first responders, history of active shooter incidents, commonalities, lessons learned, team responsibilites, priorities during active shooter incidents and princples to use in order to make quick decisions under stress. Because this is a train-the-trainer course, officers will then be given the opportunity to demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge through teach-back exercises and practical scenarios.

In addition to the topics mentioned above, students will be exposed to:
-Isolation drills
-Modular & comprehensive exercises
-Practical scenarios using force-on-force simulators
-Teach-back exercises
-Scenario development

Each student will receive: Manual, PowerPoint and certificate of completion

Event Category

Law Enforcement

Event Location

Tanger School
40260 Five Mile
Northville Twp, Michigan, 48170

Event Fees

$ 750.00

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