See why so many Michigan Agencies attend our training

“I just wanted to thank you and your team for your outstanding work during the training. I was very impressed and astonished by the high quality of training, experience and Knowledge that you all possess.”

“Great training, great experience, great instructors”

“100% Useful”

“I’m surprised I lasted this long without this training.”

“More beneficial than any other training I’ve ever been to.”

“Loved the building searches and off-hand shooting.”

“Love all of the hands-on practical exercises.”

“Instructors very knowledgeable and motivated.”

“I have a new tactical awareness for patrol situations.”

“This course pertains to all aspects of daily patrol.”

“Best and most relevant school I have ever been to.”

“Hands down best training I have ever attended.”

“All of our guys need this.”

“Building searches and scenarios were great.”

“No, it was great and exceeded expectations!”

“This will greatly improve safety in my department.”