Scenario-Based Patrol Operations

Wednesday, Oct 14, 2020

3:00pm – 11:00pm

Scenario-Based Patrol Operations

Reality-Based training has become the new standard for preparing officers to deal with field operations. Officers can gain some knowledge by reading a book, or attending a seminar, but in order to hard-wire it into their subconscious and be able to recall the information under stress, officers need to experience the sights, sounds and feel of actual encounters. Officers can then use those experiences for future encounters and be better prepared in their decision making process.

Officers participate in scenarios that are based on real world police encounters; disturbance, suspicious, robbery-in-progress, domestic, etc. The officers are challenged to put their training and experience to use in order to resolve the situation and take the conflict to a natural conclusion. Once the scenario has concluded, instructors will conduct a debrief to elicit what the officer did right, wrong and suggestions they would make in the future when experiencing similar circumstances.

Benefits from attending this Course:

– Increase situational awareness

– Gain knowledge & experience

– Improve communication skills

– Confidence builder

– Reduced anxiety/stress

Force-on-Force Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) will be utilized to enhance the reality of the scenarios and in some cases, allow the officer to apply deadly force decision making while involved in the scenario.

Hours: 3:00-11:00 PM

Cost: $250.00

Event Location

Livonia Police Department Training Facility
32300 Glendale
Livonia, MI, 48150

Event Fees

$ 250.00