Live Fire Shoot House Instructor

Thursday, Jun 13, 2019 – Sunday, Jun 16, 2019

8:00am – 4:00pm

Shoot House Instructor Course Equipment List

Shoot House Instructor Course

This 4-day / 32-hour instructor certification course is designed to teach firearms instructors how to conduct safe live-fire training in a 360 degree live-fire training environment. Instructors will learn how to increase the skill level and confidence of their students through proper debriefing and coaching. Instructors will be mentored on setting up live fire scenarios that involve scenario and situational based philosophies. Instructors will be exposed to range training, non-lethal marking cartridge training and live fire scenarios.

This certification is anticipated to be mandatory for any police officers, police departments or special weapons teams utilizing the Camp Grayling, Automated Shoot House (ASH) after October 1, 2017. You do not have to be a Firearms Instructor to attend this course.

4 Days 8:00-4:00

June 13th-June 16th 

Costs: $700.00

Meals and lodging provided for an additional fee of $430.50.

Must contact Kelly Foy at NMLETG for meals and housing 989-344-1427

Location: Camp Grayling, Grayling, MI. 49738

For more information and to register:

Event Location

Camp Grayling
Camp Grayling, MI

Event Fees

$ 700.00